Chairman’s Message

Continuing on the Current Path Poses Unacceptable Risks to the Future of Human Civilization

Lelei LeLaulu

Chairman Earth Council Alliance

Our pursuit of a green energy economy is driven by three key hypotheses. The first is that all nations have embarked on an energy path that is unsustainable economically, strategically, financially and environmentally. The international community is faced with four monumental energy challenges: stabilizing greenhouse gas emissions; eliminating energy poverty for over three billion people ; enhancing energy security; and mobilizing over $20 trillion in capital investment for energy infrastructure by the year 2030.

The second is that solutions to these seemingly intractable problems will require multifaceted innovation – in technology, policy, governance, finance, and international diplomacy – to assure global sustainability, equity, security and resilience.

The third, and perhaps the most provocative, is that climate, water and food scarcity, extreme poverty, and nuclear proliferation represent “urgent” global threats, which can only be eradicated by energy,water and food security for all.

The international community has the ingenuity to create a sustainable, resilient and equitable green energy economy, and the capacity to respond effectively to urgent global threats. Decisive leadership and immediate action is a moral and ethical imperative. Continuing on the current path poses unacceptable risks to the future of human civilization.