• A History of Sustainable Development
    in The United Nations

    Rio +20
  • Is to Connect, Empower, and Advance Individuals,
    Organizations and Institutes to create a Sustainable,
    Just and Peaceful Earth.

    Our Mission
  • Critical Programs for the
    Future of Cities

    Climate Resilience and Security In the 21st Century
  • - Dr. David J. Jhirad
    Chairman, Earth Council Alliance

    Continuing on the Current Path Poses Unacceptable
    Risks to the Future of Human Civilization...
  • ECA Supports Eye on Earth Summit

About ECA

Our programs span the full spectrum of the sustainable development movement. Through our programs, we focus on supporting pragmatic, results-oriented agendas worldwide, and matching people, partners, and resources to support local, regional, and national initiatives. Our team is at the forefront of the sustainability movement and leverages its talent towards achieving ECA's mission. We use the Earth Charter and Agenda 21 as historical baselines to measure and celebrate progress.

We stand at a pivotal point in history. During the first half of the 21st Century, our global civilization will be tested. Will we muster the will and the ingenuity to make a great transition from the patterns of the past, which have resulted in trans-boundary pollution and ecological destruction on a global scale?

- Jan Hartke, President, Earth Council Alliance



The Earth Council Alliance stands as a united front of globally recognized institutions, dedicated to long-term results on a local, national, and international scale.

- Mark Sorensen, CEO, Earth Council Alliance

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